My name is Daniel and I'm a psychotherapist in Davis County, Utah.
In helping people, I take an existential approach. This means that therapy focuses not only on solving problems but on your relationship with unsolvable problems.  Although life is full of of things we cannot change, those things do not have to create suffering.
Typically, existential psychotherapy involves understanding and applying things like mindfulness, forgiveness, acceptance, meaning, boundaries, and self-advocacy. In all cases, the cultivation of insight or self-understanding is essential.
In individual therapy, people commonly seek my help for depression, anxiety, panic attacks, grief, anger, and major life changes such as becoming a parent or a faith transition.
In couples therapy, I commonly work with partners to deepen connection, navigate faith crises, and rebuild after infidelity. Of note, I work with hetero and LGBTQ partnerships.
Daniel Lancaster, LCSW